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Jakarta Marketing Week 2019 : Privilege Card

Jakarta Marketing Week organized by MarkPlus, Inc. is back again. This event is dedicated for marketing enthusiasts all over Indonesia and will be held for a week at Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta on 24 – 30 April 2019.

Jakarta Marketing Week is an effective offline platform to connect and engage all marketing enthusiast that includes artist, business, and goverment.

There are so many ways to get inspired, feel the celebration, and be connected on at the 7th Annual Jakarta Marketing Week 2019 such as headline presentations & shows  involving so many  creative people, awards ceremonies, exhibitions featuring so many various interesting products, meeting so many communities, engrossing and inspiring learning sessions, and more. This will provide so many updated knowledge, great networking oppportunities, yet very entertaining. An event that so many organization should take part, an event that so many would definetly come.

This year’s event, will be much better than before since we are  improving so many aspects of the event, including the concept itself and features, to boost up its appeal and attraction. Hands, this event will be much more inviting and engaging for most people in Jakarta.

The sessions on this event will refer to trend on 2018 that emphasist on how the lifetsyle of Jakarta citizen as the biggest City in Indonesia.

That is why, our theme for this year’s will be

“Community Does Matter – It's OMNI Time!”

So, just come participate and enjoy daily sessions with so many highlight of

the 7th Annual Jakarta Marketing Week 2019 the magnificent


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