MarkPlus, Inc. brings to you the 4th Annual ASEAN Marketing Summit 2018 in Jakarta. This is an annual, one-day event, in its 4th year, hosted by Philip Kotler Center - for ASEAN Marketing and MarkPlus, Inc. to bring together distinguished experts and industry commentators from business and marketing arenas to discuss the most pressing issues facing ASEAN as a region today.

In the previous summits we had the pleasure of hosting several renowned keynote speakers such as Prof. Philip Kotler (Kellogg Graduate School of Management), with whom MarkPlus have had the unique opportunity of co-authoring several best-selling international books, and Jochen Wirtz (National University of Singapore). The main theme for this year’s event is “Marketing to ASEAN Millennials”. We believe that participants in this summit would be extremely interested in getting speakers viewpoints, keen analysis and observations will impact business strategy in ASEAN and beyond.


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  • Dates & Location
    06 September 2018

    09:00 - 21:00 WIB



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