Marketing For Competitiveness Asia To The World: In The Age Of Digital Consumers

In this book, the Father of Modern Marketing, Professor Philip Kotler has collaborated with two marketing experts from Asia, Hermawan Kartajaya from Indonesia and Hooi Den Huan from Singapore to publish a book on Marketing for Competitiveness: Asia to the World — In the Age of Digital Consumers. This book argues that marketing is no longer just vertical but has encompassed a new, more horizontal paradigm. In addition to many new concepts and frameworks, this book includes a plethora of real-world examples from various countries in Asia, which will help to shed light on how companies, both Asian and global, compete in Asia. Useful lessons can be drawn by all businesses in the world on how to win the mind, heart and spirit of the Asian consumer — digital and non-digital.

Publish : December 2016

Publisher : Word Scientific

Writer : Philip Kotler


IDR 365.000

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