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Planet Tourism Indonesia 2019

The development of tourism industry in Indonesia is on the threshold of a new era in 2019. The Government of Indonesia has stipulated new directives that will require all stakeholders in the tourism industry to impose appropriate adjustments and modifications. Tourism stakeholders will need to direct their organizations and destinations to face the VUCA era and emerging trends of tourism industry by comprehending the tourism business landscape as well as by focusing on new ways to generate sustainable growht.
New initiatives should be produced and used as basis for innovation and will then be established as a new value creation that can compete with others in the industry. Further, stakeholders in tourism industry must re-design their business strategies to maximize economic benefits, while also specifically to emphasize on the social and environment aspects. This new emphasis on the tourism industry is highly related to many problems caused by the industry itself; such as loss of cultural heritage, social dislocation and environmental degradation where the industry takes place.
Tourism industry stakeholders must apply sustainability concepts and practices that would aim for not only to achieve economic profit, but also contributing to augment social and environmental that would benefit all.


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Location : Jakarta

Date Start : 2019-09-05 18:00:00

Date End : 2019-09-05 21:00:00

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the Development Of Tourism Industry In Indonesia Is On The Threshold Of A New Era In 2019. The Government Of Indonesia Has Stipulated New Directives That Will Require All Stakeholders In The Tourism Industry To Impose Appropriate Adjustments And Modifications. Tourism Stakeholders Will Need To Direct Their Organizations And Destinations To Face The Vuca Era And Emerging Trends Of Tourism Industry By Comprehending The Tourism Business Landscape As Well As By Focusing On New Ways To Generate Sustainable Growht.
new Initiatives Should Be Produced And Used As Basis For Innovation And Will Then Be Established As A New Value Creation That Can Compete With Others In The Industry. Further, Stakeholders In Tourism Industry Must Re-design Their Business Strategies To Maximize Economic Benefits, While Also Specifically To Emphasize On The Social And Environment Aspects. This New Emphasis On The Tourism Industry Is Highly Related To Many Problems Caused By The Industry Itself; Such As Lo



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