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We provide an exciting line-up of courses covering a comprehensive range of marketing-related topics. The courses are categorised into three different levels: Strategic, Tactical and Specialized. The course topics are derived from different fields including Generalist Marketing, Specialist Marketing, Digital Marketing as well as Entrepreneurship & General Management. 

Course Level

Startegic Level - Executive Education Program

This program is designed for multi-generational executives from different age groups intending to learn and discover more about strategic thinking using most up-to-date concepts and models in order to develop unique problem-solving skills. Learn more

Tactical level - Action Learning Program

This program is designed for executives interested in learning about developing plans from scratch using tactical tools and templates. Learn more

Specialization Level - Individual Courses

This program serves multi-generational executives from all age groups keen on developing specialised knowledge on specific topics from fields including General Marketing, Leadership and Management, Brand Management, Sales Management, Service Management, and Digital Marketing.  Learn more

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